Parish Council Vision Statement  

The council is pastoral, that is, it shares in the ministry of the Good Shepherd. To be a part of the pastoral council is to have a sense of mission, of being sent by God the Father to serve this community by:  

  • articulating a vision for the parish
  • building a welcoming Christian community
  • enabling the community to discern its mission
  • encouraging and deepening the faith of all
  • enabling all the baptised to be aware of their active responsibility

for the mission of the Church  

For this form of collaborative ministry to be sustained and developed there are certain requirements:  

  • the building of a relationship of trust and respect between members
  • a commitment to pray together
  • an understanding of various forms of decision making
  • an acceptance of co-responsibility

Furthermore, there needs to be an understanding of the purpose of the Parish Council. Our Diocesan Guidelines sets out the way in which a Parish Council works. A Parish Council is called to:  

1 Have a sense of where the parish is in a particular area  

2 Look at ways in which it needs to grow and develop  

3 Propose practical ways of achieving this  

‘Called to be a People of Hope’ guides the shape and purpose of our pastoral councils. Pastoral councils are called to look at, and apply the threefold approach to the fourteen areas set out in ‘Called to be a People  

of Hope’ and decide in which order to address them.  

This Vision Statement was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on 5 Feb 2017